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Our choices of surprise boxes

Are you looking for a particular gift to offer and are you lacking inspiration? 

No problem ! We have '' The Box '' for you! 

How about a surprise box designed for HER, for HIM or for any other significant event? 

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Burial life of a young woman!

Do you have to organize a bachelorette party soon? We have the '' Box '' for you at the best price! Make a quote now for the number of people you want to see at this memorable event! 

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for her

Are you looking for something new and you like surprises? Whether it's a gift for her or for you, we give you '' The Box '' for HER. Ask what you are looking for and we will send you the unexpected.

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For him

Are you looking for something new? Whether it's a gift for him or for yourself, we have '' The Box '' for HIM. Joke, fantasy or new experience, we will be able to organize the box to your advantage. Make a quote now, at your price.

For us 2

Are you looking for experiences that are out of the ordinary and out of the ordinary? We will organize '' The Box '' For the 2 of us according to your fantasies and your needs. This discreetly and for the pleasure of the day. Let us have the pleasure of making you happy!

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